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We checked into Rm#124 at Red Roof Inn #349, Portland, Oregon, on Dec. 13th at 2:45 am. The night Desk Clerk on duty was Mike and he was courteous and properly accommodating. Our check in was very pleasant and quick. Our room appeared clean and our bed was comfortable. For our morning coffee we discovered the In-Room Coffee Service that was supplied had been used by a previous guest and it had not been cleaned by the hotel staff. There were several old and dried filters filling the machine. I took a photo and showed it to the morning Desk Clerk, Eric, who told me that most people just shrug it off. I asked if there were anything he could offer as satisfactory resolution and his response was, "Don't come back." We checked out at 10:30 am after taking photos of our room.

Monday, Dec. 14th I tried contacting the manager, Nick Patel, in order to connect with him about our experience. I was told by a female desk clerk his hours are from 10 am-3 pm. I called at 11:50 am and again at 2:00 pm and was told both times that he was not on the premises. I tried again on Tuesday, the 15th, at 10:36 am, Eric answered and after being put on hold he said, "He's not picking up right now." I called back 2:12 pm and Eric said he would transfer the call, pushed key tones on the phone then hung up the call. I returned the call two minutes later and explained I was disconnected and to please try again and Eric hung up the phone.

I am contacting corporate about this matter only because I have stayed at this property before and did not experience such discourteous behavior and lack of customer service in the past. I would not expect the manager to be virtually unreachable unless his employee, Eric, is representative of the manager in his I-Don't-Care attitude. I would venture to say the latter given the most recent reviews of this property I have read since this last weekend.

I hope, by this effort, to correct a very poor representation of the company, it's policies, and commitment to offer excellent and friendly service to all the guests in every Red Roof Inn, no matter it's location or who is managing, and that every employee exemplifies a positive image of the company.

At the time of this writing, we have not yet been refunded our $100 deposit. We see it is still being held in a pending status and it has not been 72 hours. We expect it to be released back into our account soon. Please note that a review of this hotel claims the manager, Nick Patel, withheld a deposit because the guests used and dirtied the towels. I want to believe this is utter nonsense but I admit, in light of my recent experience, I am a little concerned.

Review about: Red Roof Inn Room.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I would have given "Eric" a nice long lecture on basic customer service. Are some people that moronic to think that "Don't come back" is even a remotely acceptable response?

Sometimes just an apology is all people want, but then you have idiots like this that make it 50 times worse.

I hope you get a resolution for this incident. Keep us posted!

to Anonymous #1085386

A simple apology would've been acceptable. If I felt like being "snotty" about it, Eric would've gotten a lecture.

My experience is that would've been a waste of time. He is miserable in his job and that is the bottom line. We paid $10 extra on a Sunday. $7.50 would've been 10% of our bill.

That might've been a good way to maintain our repeat business.

It is up to corporate how they deal with their image. I simply move my money to where the concept of customer service is not a foreign concept.

to Anonymous #1093949

Update: 30 Days since formal complaint about rude employee behavior and bad management and customer service. Corporate has not responded to the complaint or made any offer of resolution.

At this point I would have to presume that the management of this location is a direct reflection of the corporate headquarters much like the employees are a direct reflection of their supervisor.

No one cares. I will take my money to the competition and recommend others not support Red Roof Inns' corporate apathy and greed.

to Anonymous #1124035

Considering they just opened two new locations near me, I'm thinking you taking your money elsewhere does not concern them.

Personally I wouldn't have given a hoot about a crappy coffee maker(That's why they have Starbucks everywhere) in a low cost room in a low cost chain and would have moved on with life by now.

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