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I made two calls to two dufferent employees of Red Roof Inn customer service. I explained the situation of being called a *** and of all things, a *** by a front desk clerk at the Stockbridge, Georgia location. He was a 54 year old man that said I was getting on his nerves calling him ma’am over the phone. I wasn’t being rude. I was trying to be polite, but he sounded like a woman over the phone and allowed me to say ma’am multiple tones before he corrected me so rudely. My last call resulted in being transferred to someone Guest Services and we were disconnected. I had called in my lunch break, which was ending. The thing is the first lady (that transferred me) had my oyfriemd’s info on file because she asked me about it. We have waited to see in anyone would call back and NO ONE has yet. I’m more upset that no one called.

My name is Beth Nunn and my number is (404) 242-9295. Is like to see if anyone calls from this message. I’m reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you


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