My son and his friends got a room 11/26/2020. The lady was a short White lady with blond spike looking hair.

She had on black throw around sweater. She was extremely rude and said racist things to my son and his friends. My son called me and I tried asking her what was the problem. The lady would not respond or tell me her name when I asked several times.

I called the hotel several times before she finally picked up and I told her I was calling regarding my son. She stated, stop calling here. I and another parent went to the hotel to get some kind of explanation, and she refused to talk and called the police. We also called the police to make a report but was told we had to call corporate office.

The lady was very rude, told my son and his friends it will be an extra fee to stay in a room with double beds. It was 4 of them, and she would not explain why she told them that. She told them rudely they can not smoke in the room. Which they don't smoke or party.

This lady is racist and extremely rude with very poor customer

services and does not need to be working there. I will be sure to call corporate office about this issue. It is unprofessional and uncalled of her behavior. She does not speak to anyone or welcome them when they arrive.

She basically stereotyped 4 young blacks kids as if they had to pay more money because of getting a double bed when it was 4 of them who was getting a room to shop for their parent gifts on black Friday and this lady made them seem as if they were thugs. EVERY BLACK CHILD OR YOUNG MAN IS NOT A THUG.

User's recommendation: This Lady is extremely rude and racist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Roof Inn Receptionist.

Red Roof Inn Cons: Pathetic staff.

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