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Arriving from Texas I had many situations occur In the RedRoof Inn BWI as of last year March 2016 I never witnessed or heard of otherwise in a lifetime and I travel business quite often. This has caused me to be moved from one end of the property to another as sent in formal complaint, from several room incidents that I actually reported to front desk to notify management.

Until I had no choice but to report the large growing mushroom fungus growing in my room air condition unit my small pet found and was vomiting from not knowing what it was or is nor did the staff there which made it even more urgent when they could not figure it out. I did file a formal complaint on August 23, 2016 over an overly aggressive young employee and flood damage among st the abnormal many issues and received a 5 day stay only offered for all this but as I stated I have been there since March until August as my truck was getting work done and we had came to open organic store close to the hotel along with waiting for our new home to be available. The amount of issues I have experienced is just too much for any person to deal with I have had so many issues at this primary location already I did not leave because they accept pets and I was tax exempt and tried to save since relocating. The onsite manager was suppose to be dealing with the complaints apparently but he stated he was not made aware of all of this until August 23, 2016 by me that made him fully aware of the many many many issues in each room but I was offered a free night each time when I clearly get a free night due to being Redi card member already.

Below are supporting pictures I cannot allow to not be displayed as the Red Roof BWI's presentation when you book any of there rooms this is what you may get. #1 the dog walking area are mushrooms always present as well as smelly trash always over flowing into the grounds. #2 A large abundance of cigarettes outside of every room and the smell present in the rooms or marijuana always present. #3 Loud fights or sexual activity from live in escorts present as seen on back page if you need documentation as told by staff you can find them on back page stating the location in which their services are rendered.

#4 The large amount of bottle, cans, chicken bones and condoms on the ground are overwhelming as far as being placed in the street and left there. #5 Most toilets do not flush well and are dirty inside and well as the stoppers are full of mold, mildew, bacteria and tubs are full of rust in 3 different rooms. #6 The bath tubs and toilets are full or rust and mold gray and greenish hairy mold & black nasty looking substance on bottom of toilets. #7 Constant flood damage not addressed.

#8 The doors always filled with damage and we always hear fighting in rooms and knuckles or holes punched in walls #9 Rooms trashed chairs broken in and lots of flies and bugs presence. #10 Oversized trucks taking up all the space at least 4 spots and no regard for the lines and blocking my room when I stayed there we had to park on the lawn and trucks with hitches on the back we could not drive by. #11 Barbecuing on the front side next to all the vehicles like this is a college bonfire #12 The staircase always nasty and strong urine smell or broken glass present #13 The hole in the ceiling where my bags got soaked and clothes wet along with carpet floor and my carry bag has mold on the bottom due to water underneath it the loud fan did not dry. I had to wash 4 bags of clothes along with drying them all my boxes got damaged with my products in them no compensation, no cost or concern of the hotel.

Only thing I was told was the source of the pouring water that was it. And oh yeah a free night. # Syringe needles all around property including outside the room I was staying in on the ground then in the grass where I walked my dogs and then in the connected room where we stayed cooking methamphetamine now only to lie and say it never happened. Here are more photographs to support the reason for my complaints and safety issues.

Feeling at risk and nothing being addressed or rectified at this location. The negligence is apparent and the disrespect for "ALL" the issues stated are truly unacceptable. They even had Liberty Mutual pretend to care only to not only disregard and disrespect the severity of the issues but to say I am being nice offering you $500.00 as if that was one pair of my sneakers and bags...Let alone boxes which were seriously damaged, they sent out an outside vendor from Virginia who seen all the loss and damage we endured and took pictures which, I looked forward to an amicable solution as soon as possible which they claim not cover anything even the sink above us overflowing onto our belongings including electronics this has caused me lack of sleep unwanted stress, loss of wages, aggravation, defamation of character a level of disrespect I cannot even begin to fully comprehend. I feel due to all the stress and the loss of one of my turtles which we had two we did not know whether the mold killed him and health ongoing concerns for my pets who became sick from the mushrooms fungus growing in the air conditioning unit with no regard for any of this or offer of a reasonable solution; I should've been offered not only real "Apology" but some sort of replacement or compensation since my money did not matter and I was actually bullied off the property after I made a formal complaint as retaliation towards me they sent an employee to attempt to intimidate me and in fact create another unwanted obstacles by adding violence to an already tumultuous situation.

This is very disheartening to say the lease and as patient as my partner and I have been through it all they always had our money in full for the duration of our stay without incident or complaint even when we clearly know we had every reason to address our major concerns and health code hazards. While also being offered a full refund or even partial with gift certificates to supplement for all we went through out of our control. There is so many wrongs in this extended stay that I do not even know where to begin and or how to end it is issue after issue unresolved, negligently handled with unprofessional, unsanitary and unsafe situations and constant complaints made in that regard. So we will stop right here with this brief synopsis and you will properly understand how this should have been handled, dealt with and resolved.

But in fact it was disregarded, pass on and on to another and another than ultimately ignored. Along with the insults and level of professionalism enough is enough these kinds of practices should never ever be ignored or unresolved. I complained about the poor quality of this particular hotel which I never indoor ed any other RedRoof Inn BWI anywhere and I will never ever stay at this hotel again. From flooding, mold, fungus, mildew, ants infestation, water damage to belongings, drug usage, prostitution, witnessing violence, raids only to be moved from room to room never offered any proper compensation EVER.

Not even a free week a refund or a concern. REMEMBER, The General Manager never came to actually see the problems until I made formal complaint with there corporate office on August 23, 2016 when one of his staff members attempted to threaten me with physical violence as I walked to my room which was a sad attempt to intimidate me off the property. When that did not work he then came and made up a story to try defame my character as a mentor, educator, trainer who owns a Production Company, Learning Institute and a non-profit that caters to at risk youth for over 28yrs this is completely unacceptable. Then I received on the August 25, 2016 a one line letter which I submitted to Liberty Mutual who claim to resolve issues then ultimately brush it under the rug as well.

I was asked to leave without reason no explanation just leave after my room date is August 29, 2016 and I told Mr. Smith the General Manager this was a severe inconvenience for us being that we did nothing but complain with in our rights also being assaulted and not even offered a refund, compensation for my items, I told him what about our hospital expense he looked as deer in headlights and stated another man told him since they cannot do anything for me they want us to leave the property that was it. Through all of this as a professional in my field I was very stressed, suffered anxiety and high blood pressure that was uncalled for. Which Liberty Mutual claim to have done an investigation with there field officers that took a month to find this is the case.

I never even received a letter from Red Roof Inn BWI with any type of apology. This is why I feel they handled this poorly and my out of pocket expense is just unfair and me being asked to leave right after a formal complaint is made that should have be properly investigated. We contacted the health department to find out what kind of mold, mildew, was it and how is formed they stated do to severe heating/cooling issues in the room(s) they assigned me/us such as water flooding my 4 bags sitting on floor from the ceiling in Red Roof Inn BWI caused my bags under the counter and boxes stored with organic products to go "bad." Personal clothing & shoes which had received the most water damage due to being directly under the location of the actual down pour of water came from. My clothes were soaked, molded and when washed had green and black spots which is mold and could not be salvaged.

Severe flooding in about the 5 room they moved us too at this point because of poor maintenance, mold, mildew, bacteria, cleanliness, sexual acts in adjacent room & massive ants. My 4 bags soaked from bottom had green mold and discoloration on the bottom from water damage which caused the material to harden peel when dried. Mold spores were growing on our bags as well as our boxes which was under counter where flood started to accumulate. When we went to the new hotel we were asked to ensure our bags were treated with a bleach wash down to kill any potential live spores left breeding on our bags.

The bleach damaged our bags which was embarrassing to say the lease. They can know longer be used and are in fact contaminated along with merchandise and electronics. The boxes were wet which caused my products to be exposed to water and "melt" and mold; grow fungus inside their packaging from constant change of climate especially after the water ran into our room then form a film of white and green mold on the top because you cannot expose products to water, mildew or mold or even humans for that matter for a long time period. We stored them in that particular location of the room because it was dark, cool and not in direct line of traffic with our door.

I know this is lengthy but it is so much more just think over a 6 month period all that we went through only to never receive anything but to be made out to be the problem for complaining as if it is our fault for staying there but they got paid without a problem. And just think we were treated less than a guest or a paying customer. And keep in mind we have all supporting documentation to back up all claims still not taken seriously. Again, this being bought to the attention of a social platform for others because this type of practice should never be allowed and attempting to replace all I loss has been overwhelming and just plain unfair and if this helps anyone not allow this type of situation good.

I am pursuing legal action at this point it has been 2 of us severely affected and brutally neglected with 2 very separate incidents that has been disrespected, watered down and blatantly mocked by employees of the Red Roof Inn corporate office without a care in the world along with Liberty Mutual so called representatives at least 5 of them.

So I will not stop until they are brought to some sort of justice. And other who experienced similar treatment speak up and stand up for their rights as I will continue to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Red Roof Inn Room.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $15272.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: I wish i could give no stars.

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