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Red roof employee not following pandemic guidelines with regards to identification. My friend and I were attempting to get a room and my friend is a diabetic.

He was very rude and made us go get more identification and under pandemic guidelines you dont have to provide that identification due to the DMV being closed. And then when we went to ask couple questions he just threatened us with calling the cops. He never gave us a chance to ask any questions and ask you know is there another way that we can use identification or not etc. Cetra etc.

he just said if you dont have a New York State drivers license you cannot rent a room its in the side our way. Well my friend blood sugar was at a very risky low of 50.

I feel completely disrespected I feel completely like this employee did not care at all he was just there to do a job and I also feel that he didnt really care he just wanted us Out of there. Becaus of this experience I will probably never rent a room from Red Roof in inn again un less something is done about this because that was very very rude and just Dis respectful and dangerous to my friends healh.

Location: Derby, New York

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Red Roof is a no-tell motel chain. I won't tell if you.won't tell.

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