I would like to apologize to everyone who reads this post, I was so exhausted from the heat that I actually made a mistake on the name of the establishment we were going to rent from red roof, but they did not have any vacancies that's why we went to In Town suites on 50th avenue in Phoenix. I already apologized the red roof about the situation.

But as for In Town suites it is still as it stands no one has yet come to fix the air conditioner the toilet stopped working again I have to go in the office and get a plunger that they have sitting out the door. They have not done anything about the bed bugs. I have gotten a hold of Toni Roberts at the corporate office. I have left 14 voice messages and 8 emails no response at all.

As I expressed when I first sought help from pissed consumer I had to take my eight-month-old baby to a shelter I am now trying to find a place to live my boyfriend is still at the motel with our belongings.

He stated that no one has come to access the situation.

And mind you this started August 14th and it is now the 26th of August unacceptable. And I was looking very close at the video that I submitted in my first comment when I first got hold of this website I have stated that me and my children sleep on top of the wedding because it was too hot in the room. We were getting emergency weather alerts about the heat advisory, some days it was 117 and then some d higher than this. The thermometer in the room was reading 105 so you could imagine how hot it was for me and my baby and what's sad is that my boyfriend still over there in this condition because we don't have any place to take our stuff, and he's still paying on it.

On the 21st would have been our last day, and he had $300 for another week and was told it would be $310 . He was $10 short, and they would not wait for 2 hours for the other $10 after everything that we've endured there, and they charged him $80 for one night I just can't believe this it's just unbelievable.

User's recommendation: Please do not go here at all it's one of the most nastiest places I've ever seen.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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